Tailoring makes all the difference!
—Wayne Ratcliff

Some of our custom and made-to-measure offerings include garments from:




Made-to-measure garments are based on standard patterns and modified to your specifications. This can be especially helpful if you don’t fit comfortably into both the slacks and coat of a pre-made suit.

Another benefit of made-to-measure clothing is that you may have the opportunity to customize the detailing and choose from the world’s finest fabrics.

Unlike custom or bespoke garments, which are completely hand sewn, made-to-measure manufacturers use both machine and hand sewing. Made-to-measure suits require fewer fittings than bespoke, resulting in a shorter wait between customer measurement and garment delivery.

Again, the presence of a master tailor on staff at Baumans assures you of getting a super fit with made-to-measure garments.



Custom or bespoke clothes are custom-tailored to a gentleman’s specific measurements and built entirely by hand by a master tailor.

The word bespoke means “speak for something” - more specifically it means “to give an order for it to be made”.

The word is in widespread use in England and Europe, while the term custom or custom-made is more common in the United States.

After careful measurements by a master tailor, a custom pattern is created for each person and kept on record - to be used only when new garments are ordered.

Each detail of the garment is selected by the gentleman. In consultation with our staff, the customer selects the fabric, the lining, the style, and the details like buttons, the width of the lapel, the number and size of the pockets for each suit.

What makes a bespoke suit unique is that it's the result of skills that only a trained hand can perform. Modern technology cannot create anything comparable.

Baumans offers a large selection of custom-made suits, jackets, slacks and shirts for the discriminating gentleman. With a master tailor on staff, you can be assured of the finest fit and finish available anywhere in the world.