12 Secrets to Protecting Your Fine Clothing Investment

  There are smart reasons to invest in the highest quality clothing you can afford: You’ll present a more polished and successful image. (Science tells us that people form a near-indelible opinion about us within seven seconds of seeing us.) Appearance not only counts, it counts a LOT. You’ll be more comfortable. Fine clothing generally… Read more »

Do You Speak “Bespoke”?

If you shop at Baumans, chances are you’re a sophisticated clothes-buyer who appreciates quality, style and wearing comfort. So, you probably already know that clothing made to order has some major benefits: FIT – If you’re taller or shorter than average, thinner or stockier, or if you just want your garments to fit perfectly, there… Read more »


Hot off the press! Come get your “Proud to Call Arkansas Home” coffee table book! And of course, Baumans Fine Men’s Clothing is featured.

How do I clean and care for my Lucchese boots?

  THE RULES OF GREAT BOOT CARE TREAT YOUR LEATHER goods in much the same manner as you treat your skin. Your leather products require nutrients to keep them supple and strong. The four steps for proper boot care are: CLEAN, CONDITION, POLISH & PROTECT. DIRT AND DUST are leather’s worst enemies. Wiping down often with… Read more »

How To Tie A Bow Tie

This is the best video we’ve seen demonstrating how to tie a bow tie with no hands in the way to obscure your view.

A few thoughts about our philosophy

At Baumans, we refuse to shortchange on quality – we are old school that way – on products or service. We believe the experience of working with professional clothiers has value far and above the purchase price and ask for the opportunity to show it.