Do You Speak “Bespoke”?

If you shop at Baumans, chances are you’re a sophisticated clothes-buyer who appreciates quality, style and wearing comfort. So, you probably already know that clothing made to order has some major benefits:

FIT – If you’re taller or shorter than average, thinner or stockier, or if you just want your garments to fit perfectly, there is no choice like custom clothing.

STYLE – Baumans always strives to find styles, colors and fabrics that will appeal to its customers. But if you have your own unique style, you’ll love the possibilities of custom clothing. Want a double-breasted vest to set that suit off? Want all your jackets lined with your signature color? Want your choice of thousands of fabrics instead of the usual handful? Go custom.

QUALITY – Custom clothing of course is more expensive than pre-made garments. You’d expect with the extra investment that the clothing would be absolutely first-rate and built to wear. You’d be correct. It is not unusual to see a savvy fellow in a custom outfit that is a decade old but that looks as fresh today as ever. Made specifically for your body and movements, custom clothing simply wears better and feel better.

For example, the U.S-made Oxxford Clothes suit coat has more than 1,000 hand stitches in the lapel to ensure a perfectly hand-rolled lapel that stays in place and never needs to be pressed. The craftsmanship required is of a very high level of skill and attention — the ultimate in real luxury.

That much isn’t confusing. What CAN be is what you call this clothing that is made especially for you. Here’s a simple guide to the terms.


Tailor shop mannequin with measuring tape.


OFF THE RACK — If you’re a 42 Regular (or any other standard size) you have a good selection of pre-made clothing to choose from. In the U.S., that’s often called buying “off the rack,” (in the UK, it’s “off the peg.”) Baumans has the finest tailor shop in the mid-South with a true Master Tailor so even “off the rack” can look great.

MADE-TO-MEASURE — The next step up to perfect fit, made-to-measure garments are based on  standard patterns and modified to your specifications. This can be especially helpful if you don’t fit comfortably into both the slacks and coat of a pre-made suit. You will have a measuring session first and then a fitting session when the clothing arrives to make final adjustments. More expensive than most “off the rack” clothing, choice of fabric will partly determine final price.

CUSTOM — Traditionally, Americans have called garments that are literally made for you “custom clothing.” A Baumans expert takes numerous measurements, as many as 20 or 30, including the slope of your shoulders and back. Then, a unique pattern is created from which your garment will be made. Several subsequent fittings are required to make sure the garment suits you perfectly. Custom clothing has very few limits, so the final cost will be determined by the fabric and the extras you add.

Today, we’re hearing the word “BESPOKE” used more often in the U.S. This is just the British term for custom clothing, meaning the garment is “spoken for” by a particular client and not for general sale.

So, no need to be confused. Call it custom or bespoke clothing – you’ll no doubt end up calling it the best garment you’ve ever owned!

P.S.: Custom is not just for suits and sport coats. Baumans offers a full array of custom garments including pajamas and robes, ties, shoes and Hamilton Shirts of all styles.