Robert Jensen

ROBERT JENSEN is a menswear company specialized in ties and pocket squares. Founder and designer, Bob Jensen, has been at the forefront of American neckwear for 30+ years.

A message from the founder:

Blessed with an unabashed “neckwear consciousness” all my life…bows early, “story boarding” of all my shirts and ties at twelve, and seeing “design” in everything around me. Off to college, Greek life, learning, getting the tradition: then, inspiring others to step up to quality and achievement; marriage, family, grad school, high-end retail, apprenticed to a neckwear legend, design career, serving and lifting others, gathering the talents of our well trained next generation and finally…the classic family neckwear business is born!

Fashion Fades: Only Style Remains the Same

Dressing well increases a healthy regard for who we are, where we have been, and what we can do. It supports an optimistic outlook and reflects our capacity to achieve. Dressing well is also aspirational – what we wish to become. And often overlooked: dressing well speaks to our respect for those around us.

A superbly handcrafted, bench made necktie is a noted artistic expression of personal style, part of our aesthetic balance, our personal story of respect, honor, and effort.

Wonderfully handmade neckwear compliments that optimism instilled by Bob’s parents, who taught to always do your best and do it with love. ROBERT JENSEN neckwear is imagined and designed on California’s Central Coast and realized by talented traditional artisans in Como, Italy, with passion, respect, and trust.