Always Be Faithful to Quality – that’s the motto you will see all over at the Oxxford Clothes factory in Chicago. And it is true, they are one of the very few large scale tailoring operations worldwide that produce a considerable number of hand made suits that are at least on par with tailored bespoke garments. In the US, Oxxford stands for the very best in garment production, and most clothing aficionados will already be familiar with the brand.

Jacob and Louis Weinberg founded Oxxford Clothes in 1916 with a mission to establish the standard by which all men’s tailored clothing is judged. The Weinbergs were determined that no possible fineness in craftsmanship or material be overlooked in the achievement of that purpose. Today, the Oxxford mission remains unchanged.

Since 1916, the world’s leading men have worn Oxxford for its elegance and character. Early on, gentlemen such as Clark Gable, Cary Grant, Walt Disney and Joe DiMaggio chose Oxxford, and to this day, Oxxford’s client list reads like a “Who’s Who” of the world’s gentlemen.

Today, men can still turn with full confidence to Oxxford Clothes, an institution which remains firmly committed to its original mission: tailoring the clothing by which all others are judged.