Martin Dingman

Martin Dingman

Founded in 1990, the story of Martin Dingman Leathergoods begins centuries earlier in a region that became known as the Ozark Mountains.

Crystal clear springs boiled up from the belly of the earth and cascaded over sheer, moss-covered bluffs to create opportunity and community. Grist mills were gathering places where a firm handshake sealed futures. Men lived principled lives, trustworthy and honest, each intertwined with another.

The land was the symphony. Melancholy beauty from the soft strings of mountain winds echoed the plaintive call of the whippoorwill. The people were the concert. Quick to explode with laughter, passionate and uncompromising. They were generous and adventuresome. Resilient as the hickory tree, they were resonate and real. They embraced truth as a pearl of great price and prized family before profit.

From this land and this people, Martin Dingman was hewn. His boyhood memories are filled with the smell of horse barns and leather, sweet dogwood trees and fragrant cedars. His ears echo with the gushing wealth of roiling springs, river currents and the gentle music of babbling brooks. Pebbled riverbeds, the texture of sassafras trees and sycamore leaves imprints his soul, the marrow of his bones, and the retina of his eye.

He idolized his grandfather who taught him the value of an honest handshake and the love of fine leather. Silver rings and buckles, polished saddles and harnesses were works of art, craftsmanship taught by his firm guidance and patient hand.

As a result of 50 years of living and 30 years of design, Martin Dingman’s footwear and accessories are coveted by men of integrity, men whose souls resonate with the adventurous spirit of his ancestors, and men of uncompromising principles and unwavering strength.

Standing at his design table, he sees his hands, remembers his Grandfather and embraces his Ozark Mountain Heritage. Martin and his leathergoods are a culmination of this land, these people and their values. With every design, he is pleased to share this legacy with you!