Men’s Fine Clothing Collections

Brioni Suit on the Stairs

A high-quality suit should be seen as an essential investment for every man. A high quality suit will provide a good return on your investment.

Just as you would do research before buying a new car, paying attention to the details is a good idea, because it will be hanging in your closet for a long time to come.

The most important quality of a good suit is a jacket that has a full canvas layer between the fabric and lining. A more affordable option is half-canvas, where there is a layer in the more visible top portion of the jacket.

To test if the jacket is full-canvas, pinch the layers of fabric between the button holes. If you feel three layers it is full canvas and two layers is half canvas.

Also look under the collar of the jacket for a felt lining. It helps the suit hold its shape around the neck.

Next, look at the tags for the thread count. The optimal thread count is a super 100 to 120. The higher the number, the finer the yarn, which makes it more durable, soft and silky. But don’t be tempted to go too high. Once you get into the 200s it becomes more fragile.

Hand-stitching is also a key factor in choosing a quality piece. A good example is Oxxford suits – available at Baumans – which are completely hand-stitched except for the main seams. Hand-sewn button holes, sleeves and waistbands are the mark of a superior-quality suit.

But the most important element of a good-quality suit is professional tailoring.

A knowledgeable fashion consultant at Baumans can assist you in choosing the quality of suit that best fits your needs, and will make sure the tailoring is done correctly.