Martin Dingman Countrywear: World-famous, Arkansas-made


For years, Baumans has offered some of the fine leather goods made by Martin Dingman right here in Arkansas – belts, wallets, shoes and more.

This season, we’ve introduced an expanded selection of quality Martin Dingman Countrywear apparel and leather goods that includes jackets, shirts, slacks and more. Every piece tells a unique story of heritage, quality, and the “Refined Country Life”.

Born in Iowa, raised in the southern Missouri, Martin Dingman spent summers on horseback working the family’s herd of Black Angus cattle. The textures and colors of old barns, alfalfa fields, and a tack room full of handcrafted saddles permanently imprinted in his memory. Since 1983, these boyhood memories have tremendously influenced his timeless collections.

Today, Martin Dingman Countrywear has its headquarters in Lead Hill, Arkansas, up near Harrison.

Martin Dingman Countrywear is coveted by men of integrity, uncompromising principles, and men who embrace sophisticated country style. Each collection celebrates gentlemen who enjoy nothing more than the sound of a line perfectly cast over a babbling brook, the smell of spent shotgun shells or the thrill of a flushed covey.

Come see Baumans’ expanded Martin Dingman selection today and start your own memorable tradition.