In 1947 Giuseppe Gatti started growing silk worms in his attic and sold the cocoons to the Brianza’s silk mills. It is in this region between Milan and Lake Como, that Italian fashion began its rise, and here is where the great French designers buy textiles for their creations. And it is here that Giuseppe found a job in a sock manufacturer where he learned his new profession and developed a passion for all things beautiful and well done. A few years later, Giuseppe founded “Calzificio Italiano”.

In the early 1970s the market was saturated with products and highly competitive. At this time, Calzificio Italiano chose to pursue an innovative strategy that ensured high standards of efficiency and product quality, while strengthening the company’s roots in the Milanese territory. In the 1980s Erminia, Carlo and Paolo Gatti, the three children of founder Giuseppe, launched the company in the international arena, securing commissions from the most important fashion brands.

In the year 2000, the Gatti siblings, wanting to stay true to the Lombardy area of their family, decided not to relocate production in low-cost countries, and created their own brand, Marcoliani Milano. The name, inspired by a small family anecdote, conveys the strong will not to lose the company’s roots. In fact, Marcoliani heritage is constantly renewed through the creation of unique socks, true fashion accessories that from the very beginning positioned themselves in the luxury market.

Marcoliani socks are the result of a permanent stylistic search, in which our historical archive, which includes valuable collections of historical weaves and samples, plays a crucial role. This is why the Marcoliani style is based on an uninterrupted exchange with the craft tradition of the past. But at the same time this is never a mere, passive reproduction of the past, rather an ongoing search for new modes of expression, between tradition and modernity.