Giannetto Portofino

YEAR 1979
It was 1979 when Richard and his wife Nunzia Sansonne decide to start to produce shirts with the aim of achieving high quality garments.
Objective definitely important and not to immediate implementation.

YEAR 1980
SANFORT founded the brand and with the sole aim of offering a top quality product, start to create collections of absolute prestige.

Thanks also to some collaborations born with some designers of the time greatly expanding their knowledge, acquiring new production techniques aimed at improving quality.

After so many years of successful business in 2000 are joined by their children Vincenzo and Stefania, which, synergistically, collaborate with their parents joining their ideas to the experience of more than twenty years.

Today Giannetto Portofino is a brand that starts to get space in the national and international scene, conquering new markets and with the goal that over 30 years the family Sansonne pursues with total firmness.

Offer garments of the highest quality made with passion and love! Thanks to this today Giannetto Portofino is present not only in Italy but also in Austria, Japan, USA, South Africa, Taiwan, Spain, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Luxembourg, Greece and more …