G. Inglese

Our activity ‘ was founded in 1955 founded by my father and his brothers , and grandmother who packaged shirts
Everything ‘ started on my part as a mission to raise awareness of the traditional product , handmade with a ‘ international audience .
Not the usual business conduct targeted sales only , not the usual shed with industrial machines, but the desire to create a product, use sewing machines once , carry out the activity in a historic building which we are finishing a long and detailed restoration .
The target market and ‘ was Japan , which at night was sending videos and photos demonstrating our unusual way of working ( at the beginning of the line internet was very slow and therefore we worked more easily at night) .
I found them very excited , so much to ask now a meeting in Florence during Pitti Uomo. I was very knowledgeable about the product and a little ‘ less on their modeling ( are anatomically different from us ), but he liked it so much that they ordered our products equally , waiting against a specific pattern to them. Working on it even fit the Japanese went very well , my shirts began to be present in the most important departmentestore and consequently sold to the most representative .
And ‘ well-known anecdote of the former prime minister, our regular customer , that on one occasion he wore a shirt and tacky enough folk who everyone thought had been made by me. Before the Japanese press , then the English and American, and Italian , point an accusing finger at me , I defended myself , and ironically and inadvertently gave my product a lot of notoriety.
We started to sell to many customers from all over the place , they were to look around at our studio to see how we performed and produce art even today our shirts .
Suffice it to say that Prince William arrived so .
In fact, it was the curiosity that has aroused the interest of the Prince, was fascinated by how he could tell a simple shirt , inherent in a tradition handed down from generation to generation with so much love for their work .
The courage to have drawn and looked to the past to go well beyond its borders , this is what has rewarded us . Ancient tradition we made our source of inspiration in the embroidery there is the unwritten culture of our country, handed down, there is the work of many, self-consciousness and dignity . It ‘ meticulous work , craft made with love and passion.
All are driven by curiosity to know how I was able to bring out my company while operating in a small town in southern Italy , Apulia , in the province of Taranto Ginosa country ! Many have marveled at the strong bond that I have for my land , why not invest in other major cities , ask me I think they are the riches of my territory to stimulate creativity and imagination so that I can make a product so beautiful and desired by many , and perhaps, of course, to ensure that it can be well- liked and best of this important city.
Great satisfaction and good customers are everything to us is worth much more than the classic galloping increase in turnover .
This short story sums up my story and that of Ginosa of its historical center .
Just the love for this city led us to reject an offer to sell considerable arrived from England to Italy and take away from our country the tradition of the brand G.Inglese , pushing me to destroy so my roots , my traditions and my mission : to give dignity and value to craftsmanship.
Everything was very interested in my now dear friend and esteemed Hermes Realacci who spoke in his latest book Green Italy : use the wealth that has our cultural heritage , which in fact our traditions, give value and rightful dignity to what was once a poor job and poorly remunerated .
Our future project plans to strengthen even more the honor and dignity of manual labor, and extend the offer with the creation of jackets always made by hand, according to the methods of ancient tailoring tradition . The intent ‘ to pass on the art to new generations with the opening of a school where we start from the origin , from the realization of the fabric with the novelty of using the old hand looms ! This fact, this was a tradition in our families up to 60 years for each woman had one to realize their dowries . As a result , unfortunately , with the advent of big business these frames are gone literally destroyed.
The stubbornness and tenacity to revive this ancient art and carry tissues with which we are going to pack jackets and soft scarves , managing to weave the wool of the sheep Puglia , will complete the supply chain, all MADE in Puglia , made in Ginosa .
This is our project , the school recover from youth unemployment , and recover the ancient crafts , but unfortunately the work to complete the new struttra were stopped and with it our projects are blocked.
Due to a collapse in the historic center , has been forbidden from pedestrian and vehicular traffic , with the negative consequence of being unable to continue the restoration of our future home , for us the heart of the whole project .

Angelo Inglese
LA7 Puntata del 02/02/2013