Eton of Sweden


At Eton, we are proud of our heritage which dates back to the year 1928 when Annie and David Pettersson started a new business making fine shirts. Ever since, quality and attention to detail has been the heart of everything we do. We strongly believe that genuine craftsmanship combined with cutting edge weaving technology and a unique finishing process is our key to success. Over the years, we have been able to grow from a small two-person operation in Gånghester, Sweden, to a company known worldwide for our superior quality.

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Not only do Eton’s Red Ribbon shirts look great, they perform great as well.

These business shirts form the centerpiece of Eton’s shirt collections. In addition to a wide variety of exciting patterns and colours, the Red Ribbon shirt also features careful detailing sure to catch the eye. Artisanal tailoring available in three body shapes together with a number of cuffs and collars ensures an impeccable fit. Moreover, thanks to a special spinning, weaving and finishing process, and the fact that we only use the highest quality cotton, we guarantee our Red Ribbon shirts will look great all day.