David Donahue

Our History

In 1972 two men in New York City decided to open a small business offering the very best line of men’s accessories. The company name was a blend of the two partner’s names: David and Donahue. (The actual family name is spelled Donohue.) One partner retired early on, but the name has stood strong for more than 40 years, still owned by the Donohue family.

The brand’s identity was “created” when the sign painter arrived on day one to stencil a name on the glass door. Mr. Donohue had no graphic design to give the painter, so he quickly signed the name “David Donahue” on a piece of paper. The signature went on the door and lives today as the graphic wordmark of David Donahue, with the double “D” logo making its debut in 2006.

The initial product was exclusively men’s accessories. Over the years David Donahue developed a very strong following with the finest retailers, mainly as a private label resource. Through the 70s and 80s the business grew and became known as one of the industry’s best accessories companies.

During this prosperous time, Mr. Donohue’s son, Rob, joined the company as a salesman. Just five years later, in 1997, Rob Donohue stepped up to become President of David Donahue — a position he holds today.

One of the first actions Rob took was to persuade all the company’s retail accounts to carry David Donahue as a brand on its own merit, eliminating the need for private label. Overnight David Donahue became a successful brand of accessories in all of the finest retail stores. In fact, David Donahue was often the exclusive retailer source for men’s formal accessories, offering cufflinks, stud sets, money clips, and key rings.

In early 2003 Rob saw a logical product extension. After discussing his idea with trusted retailers, he decided to explore the possibility of expanding the company’s offering to include formal furnishings: bow ties, cummerbunds, formal ties, and vests. Due to the overwhelmingly positive response from retailers he enlisted his sister, Suzy Donohue, to join the company. Suzy, a respected professional in the industry, having just returned from a product development trip to Italy and England showed Rob exquisite silk fabrics, to which Rob replied, “We have to do this! These fabrics are perfect!” So the Donohue family went in pursuit of developing a collection of fine silk formal accessories.

In April 2003 David Donahue introduced a formal wear collection to the nation’s top retailers using those fine Italian and English silks. The beautiful collection hit retail floors in October 2003 and was an instant success with consumers. Retailers were delighted and encouraged David Donahue to keep building its collection.

Always eager to keep retailers and their customers satisfied, David Donahue expands again to include neckwear, a formal shirt collection, and dress shirts. All were a huge success.




With more than forty years in business, the company has changed in many ways from the small office that opened in 1972. The collection now includes dress shirts, neckwear, formal wear, cufflinks, and stud sets.

However, David Donahue is also the same in many ways. Every sale is personal. Rob Donohue explains, “Our word is your guarantee. If we make a promise, we keep it — no matter what. That will never change.”

One early example of this commitment to customer satisfaction occurred in the summer of 2003 when in production of the newly launched formal wear line, a problem arose; the line had sold so well that the original production sources could not meet demands. So Rob put his fabrics over his shoulder and walked the garment district seeking ways to meet customer demand and keep his promise to retailers. He did just that. All customers knew is that an excellent product arrived on time and sold well.

Today the company remains dedicated to getting it done no matter what. “That’s how we work,” says Rob Donohue. “Not meeting demand was never an option. No one could ever say we do not keep our word or stand behind it.”

The company philosophy is still to take a personal approach — for instance, the team of dedicated employees answer the phone and take a friendly approach to being helpful. “We treat all customers the same. They are all important to us; size does not matter.” says Rob Donohue.

Despite the many changes and transformations the company has experienced since since opening its doors in 1972, David Donahue has always delivered products with a high price/value relationship. From .925 sterling silver cuff links to 100% silk ties hand made in New York of the finest silks woven in Italy and England. The company is known for excellence at a great value. It’s called Accessible Luxury, and David Donahue is among the best at delivering it.

As the company continues to grow, David Donahue has not lost sight of maintaining product excellence. “We do what we do better than most anyone else,” says Suzy Donohue, “but that doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to do it better.”

Found at fine men’s specialty stores and legendary retailers such as Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Bloomingdale’s, David Donahue is the name gentlemen turn to for authentic style of true distinction. These handsome furnishings and accessories are trusted by persons of refinement to be the flawless accent, the perfect gift, and the ultimate in sophisticated self-expressio