Cantarelli strikes a unique balance between comfort, elegance, and practicality. They use only the best fabrics from Italian mills such as Carlo Barbera and Loro Piana; by focusing on soft tailoring, they’re able to produce lightweight, comfortable garments that look as appropriate in the business world as outside of it.

Since Mauro Ranieri Cantarelli laid the foundations of the company in 1970, Cantarelli has gone through through a number of steps in its evolution. In 1992, it purchased Saint Andrews, the famed tailored clothing maker based in Fano. Through owning Saint Andrews for fifteen years, Cantarelli benefitted from the production techniques that made Saint Andrews so renowned among high-end makers. Cantarelli sold St Andrews in 2006 to focus on its own line, making all its products in its three factories located between Rigut├Čno and Terontola, in the Arezzo region of Italy.

We like how Cantarelli’s luxurious materials and soft construction allow their jackets to be worn like sweaters, but still maintain clean, sharp lines that look suitable for business and leisure life alike.