Byron Clothing

Byron Clothing from Jenny Wheat on Vimeo.

Byron: The Fit Is Brit. The Price Is Nice.

Baumans introduces a high-quality, moderate-priced new suit and separates brand from Kansas City (and inspired by classic British tailoring.)

The Byron line offers Baumans customers top-grade woolens with cashmere-like feel. The look is classic and in the style of fine British bespoke garments worn by presidents, prime ministers and potentates.

The Price Is Right

And yet the cost is surprisingly affordable for clothing of this quality. Suits start at $895. Blazers are $595 and pants are priced at $195. Since the pants and jacket of the suits are sized separately, it is the next thing to buying a made-to-measure suit.

That’s not surprising since the Byron line is designed to fit. The essence of the British look is to be trim and fitted, but not tight and still very comfortable. Those seemingly diametric notions have been perfected through generations of the British apparel industry.

Made Like $2,000 Suits

It begins with a natural slope shoulder. The jacket body and lapel are constructed with a floating canvas chest piece that molds to the body and tailored so that a gentleman can “feel” the garment on him. Executed in a manner that allows a freedom of motion, the overall affect is a compact and concise presentation.

An elegantly tailored garment is correct for all occasions. Worn with or without a tie. Or with your favorite dark wash denim, a Byron jacket is an expression of standards and personal style.

In-Stock and Special Order

Come see the new Byron line in stock at Baumans now. Or order something we don’t stock for overnight delivery. We and Byron obsess over the details of fit, and allow you to make the look your own.

Wayne Ratcliff of Baumans explains the fine art of tailoring here.