Baumans offers Hand Tailoring; Hand finishing on all alterations made to any and all of our merchandise.

If you compare ours to others – anywhere – you cannot find better finish work and hand pressing. Our tailoring is one of the most important services that truly sets us apart.

For those who requiring a particular fit, or simply like the experience of selecting, styling and detailing their personal style statement, our full service made-to-measure service is and has been an important part of what we do since Baumans began in 1919, and remains an important focus of what we do today.

We offer many other services that are as simple as sewing on a button while you wait, or press your jacket while you are in the store. We offer a cleaning service for your purchases from Baumans.

We have always offered services such as closet consultation: inventorying; organization; analyzing what you have; eliminating what no longer serves you, and recommending additions based on what you have to enhance your personal style statement.

We can show you how to pack for almost any journey you might take, and we can help you determine your needs for that trip.

We know the proper dress for any occasion: Formal events, business events, casual events, including a golf outings and social occasions.

We can even show you how to tie a bow tie.

In short, Baumans Men’s Fine Clothing offers:

  1. A professional sales staff
  2. A well rounded collection of quality merchandise from head to toe, including formal clothing
  3. Tailoring facilities on premises – none better anywhere
  4. Made-to-Measure custom services for all menswear categories

Baumans has the finest collection of menswear anywhere in Arkansas showing at one location. All clothing categories a man will need from head to toe: Business dress, formal dress, casual dress and sporting dress. Each of these categories are complemented with accessories, personal grooming and footwear.

Our store is easy and friendly to shop. Our merchandise is visible and accessible, shown by a professional service oriented staff who are trained to know the proper fits and details of our merchandise. Our qualified tailors are seldom found in other menswear stores in the south.